Friday 28th November 2014
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Next year in 2015, the iconic Fiat 600 will be celebrating 60 years since it was first produced. The original Fiat 600 was first produced way back in 1955 and the Fiat designer David Obendorfer has designed a brand new 600 concept vehicle to celebrate this. It looks similar in design to the latest version Fiat 500 whilst trying to maintain something similar to the original Fiat 600 design. This 60th anniversary version is made to honour the original designer of the 600, Dante Giacosa. The original Fiat 600 was in production between 1955 and 1969 and although there are some similarities, there are several differences too. The original 600 measured in at a length of around 3.2 metres where as the new concept vehicle measures at around 4 metres long. The new 600 concept is a 5-door based on the Fiat Punto where as the original 600 was a 2-door. The front end design is very similar to the Fiat 500 but the rear end design has a very retro feel which looks similar to the original 600. We like the two tone paint job and the whitewash wheel look. This adds to the retro look. There have already been a few comments made that Fiat should consider bringing the 600 into production to replace the ageing Punto. 2015 would be the perfect time to do this, as Fiat celebrate 60 years of the Fiat 600. What do you think of the Fiat 600 60th anniversary concept car? Would you like to see it in production? Share your thoughts in our comments box below. Have a look at the video below for a look at the Fiat 600 60th anniversary concept car:

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