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A Giant Robot Hand effortlessly crushes a green Fiat car at the recent Maker Faire in the UK. The Maker Faire took place at the Life Centre in Newcastle and the image on the right shows the Fiat car being lifted up and crushed by this giant robotic hand. The Robotic hand lifted the Fiat car up about 10ft in the air while crushing it in a similar way that we would be able to crush a coke can with our own hands. This was observed by a crowd of people who were clapping and cheering as the Fiat car was gripped by the Robotic hand, crushing the body work and smashing in the windows, sending glass and debris into the air. It is then lifted high into the air while continuing to crush the vehicle as if it were a coke can. The giant Robot hand was designed by the Dutch engineering company RoboDock and is an eight metre long construction which is capable of lifting and manipulating very heavy objects. The fingers are able to move in human like manner due to the hydraulics used and the whole construction weighs in at six tonnes. The robotic hand is operated by a human operator but is not the most sophisticated of these type of robotic hands. If you watch the video below you can see an even more sophisticated version of this type of robot hand. What would you do with one of the Robot Hands? Share your thoughts in our comments box below. Watch the video below to watch a similar type of Robot Hand in action:

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