Friday 2nd January 2015
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There has been yet another problem with an SUV vehicle which was produced in India. There was a recent recall for the Ford EcoSport SUV in Australia because of a problem with a wiring harness which is connected to the seat belt pre-tensioner, side impact sensor and the curtain airbags. There are reports that around 2,800 Ford EcoSport vehicles which were produced between 15 June 2013 and 26 August 2014 in an Indian factory are having to be recalled in Australia. The vehicles can be taken to a local Ford dealer to have the wiring harness fixed to ensure that the airbags will deploy in the event of a collision and the other affected areas are sorted. The Ford EcoSport is also sold in the local Indian market and exported to several other countries including: South Africa, Taiwan and several European countries. There have not yet been any recalls in any of these places. Not yet anyway. Earlier this month the Renault made Dacia Duster which is also produced in India, and they had a number of vehicles in the UK being recalled due to a problem with door sills corroding, as well as the bonnet and other painted parts of the vehicle. This vehicle is sold as the Renault Duster on the Indian market where they are having similar problems with corrosion. Worryingly though, is the fact that Renault have done nothing about it so far. What do you think of vehicles produced in India? Do you think the cheap labour pays off? Share your thoughts in our comments box below. Watch the video review below for the latest version of the Ford EcoSport:

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