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The Ford Motor Company have recalled over 692,000 Ford C-Max and Ford Escape vehicles in North America. The recall affects both these vehicles for 2013 and 2014 model years. The recalls are for two different safety issues and some of the Escape vehicles can have both of these problems. The affected Escape models were built between 5 October 2011 and 14 February 2014. The affected C-Max vehicles were built from 19 January 2012 to 24 February 2014. The first recall is for a software problem which can potentially result in the side curtain airbags not inflating in some rollover crashes. If you take your vehicle to a local Ford dealership, they will reprogram the airbag ECU free of charge. This recall affects 692,500 vehicles with almost 630,000 of these being the Ford Escape and the other 65,000 being the Ford C-Max. This problem has not resulted in any serious injuries or accidents as of yet. The second recall is for a problem with the exterior door handles not catching properly which means that the door may not be locked and could potentially come loose and open when the vehicle is in motion. This problem is only for the Escape and affects over 692,000 vehicles. Your local dealer will reposition the door handles if necessary and there have been no injuries or accidents related to this issue as of yet. It is still unsure as to whether this problem will affect the same vehicles in other markets worldwide. Lets hope it does not affect the UK vehicles. Have you had any problems with any recalls over recent years and have you had it fixed? Share your experience with us in our comments box below.

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