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The Ford Motor Company have been really struggling in Europe for the past few years. In fact, they have not made any annual profits in the region since 2010. They have come up with a new strategy to try and combat this problem, and that is to bring out a high end trim called 'Vignale' to compete with premium brand cars. This strategy has already been adopted by the likes of rivals Citroen with their DS range and Ford are hoping this can help turn their fortunes round. The Vignale trim will include leather interior, chrome mouldings and a very high standard of customer service. With the inclusion of this new trim on most of the top selling Ford models, it is reckoned that it will help to improve Ford sales in Europe by as much as 25% by the year 2020. Not only will they try to compete with the Citroen DS range, which is set to no longer be called Citroen DS, but will in fact be its own range, but will also try to compete with the likes of BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Ford are also looking to introduce the new Mustang into the European market in 2015. Will this be a success? No matter what, we are looking forward to seeing this model available in the UK. Do you think the Vignale trim will be a success in Europe and help Ford back into profit in the region? Also do you think it can compete with the major German premium brands? Share your thoughts in our comments box below. Have a look at the new Ford Mondeo Vignale concept car in the video below:

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