Friday 16th August 2013
Ad provided by Google
When we take a look at the Google glass, you might be thinking of Star Trek. The actor Brent Spiner who acted as Lieutenant Commander Data and Geordi La Forges knew all too well what it was like to wear futuristic glasses. The inspiration for the Google glass came from Star Trek; they are the next generation for communication. The inventors of the glass who wrote the algorithm wanted the same unique concept that could be worn everyday even when driving. So, what exactly is Google glass? The name Google comes from the search engine giant Google. Google came up with the dream of fashion glass with wearable technology. It enables individual to carry information from computer devices and make them available in front of their eyes. It can do most things any phones and PDA can do like watching film, taking photos, searching on the net and even translating on the go. GPS technology is not available at the moment. But you can connect to Google map via your phone using tethering.

Is the Google glass a gimmick?

The Google glass is non-offensive and could be the next biggest selling gadget. The glass is worn like a pair of glasses, but they are smaller and, from a distance, they are not very noticeable. The right eye will essentially become the minicomputer, which will leave the left eye free of glass. The device is like a mini computer for socialising, interacting on the net, messaging and for much more. Additionally, you can instruct the Google glass to take videos or photographs. This could be a handy feature if you are involved in a motor accident or are an onlooker. The Google glass will be easier than using a mobile phone and you will not have to take the spectacles out of your pocket. The glass is designed to be less obtrusive than any mobile device. The Google glass aims to bring richer communications between people. However, the British government is not entirely happy with motorists wearing them while driving. The government believes they are dangerous for driving and could cause fatal accidents. The issue behind wearing the glass while driving is that they require a lot of concentration. The Department for Transport is acting now before the glass goes on sale which is expected to be sometime during 2014. Already various penalties are in progress for motoring offenders who try breaking the law.