Monday 28th April 2014
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There has been several different Honda models which have been recalled due to a paint defect. These recalls affect vehicles built in the US and Honda have extended the paint warranty to seven years from the original purchase date. There are four different models affected by this paint defect and they are as follows: Civic (2006-11), CR-V (2007-11), Pilot (2009-11) and the Odyssey (2011-12). The problem is in relation to either cracked or peeling paint and Honda have been issuing several TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) between January and November 2013. The qualifying features can be quite complicated as it only affects certain body panels, in some cases certain colours and in other cases it is only to vehicles sold in 25 of the northern US states. We will try and explain one of these a little bit below. There are several different TSBs for the Civic including: bulletin number 12-049 which is restricted to the hood and top of the fenders on the 2006-10 models which can affect nine specific colours: four shades of blue, two black, three grey and silver shades. This same bulletin affects all 2011 Civics. As can be seen from the above bulletin, it can be very complicated as to who qualifies and who doesn't. These fixes will not cover such things as stone chips or other external causes. Honda have sent out letters to the affected owners, but I am sure that some qualifying owners will not have received a letter. If you own any of the vehicles mentioned and it falls in the model years above, you should contact your local Honda dealer to check if you are entitled to this fix.

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