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Honda are set to expand the Takata driver-side airbag problem nationwide across America as more concerns are raised regarding the issue. We wrote an article last month about the 170,000 extra vehicles being recalled across Asia and Europe regarding this issue. You can view this article by clicking here. This Takata airbag crisis is becoming a major worldwide issue and is not looking good for the Japanese manufacturing company Takata. In the USA, it is proposed that another 3million vehicles will be recalled nationwide as they look to increase the recall from the most affected areas where there are humid conditions, which are known to greatly affect the performance of the airbags. If you did not know already, there have been reported deaths due to this problem and shrapnel is known to fly through the vehicle cabin once the airbag is deployed due to the airbag rupturing. There have also been another 135,000 vehicles recalled in Japan and it seems that this problem just keeps growing and growing. Things are not looking good for Takata's reputation at all. It has been reported that Takata ran an investigation way back in 2003 regarding an airbag rupture problem on a BMW vehicle and it was concluded that the issue was an anomaly. As we are seeing the results today, this was clearly not the case. What are your thoughts on the Takata airbag crisis? Let us know what you think by leaving your thoughts in our comments box below.

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