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The Honda Motor Corporation have increased production at their South Carolina plant in Timmonsville. This has created a further 65 jobs, taking the total employment figures to 650 people. Honda decided to move the production line from Guadalajara, Mexico to Timmonsville, South Carolina, USA. This move took 9 months worth of negotiations and Honda say that it made economical and logistical sense. This has brought a jobs boost to the town and has made the local governor Nikki Haley very happy. This is what she had to say about the move: “We congratulate Honda of South Carolina in their new Honda side-by-side production accomplishment. We are also excited that Honda has chosen to create more jobs in Timmonsville and bring a more than $27 million investment opportunity to the state of South Carolina. When a world-class company like Honda increases its footprint in the Pee Dee region, it shows that South Carolina is a great place to do business.” It is now expected for this plant to produce between 10-15,000 vehicles each year. Brian Newman is the president of Honda South Carolina and he reckons Timmonsville was chosen due to their skilled workforce, proven track record and location. This is what he had to say: “Over the past 14-plus years, this facility and the associates that work here has proven itself to continue to produce the highest quality products at a very reasonable price for worldwide customers, and Honda Motor recognizes that when they look at different locations to bring a new product or transfer a product. That’s a huge opportunity for us, and HSC especially with the side-by-side business, which is very much in relationship to the ATV.”

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