Wednesday 12th February 2014
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The Ford Focus has been the UK's best selling and most popular small family car for some time now. The Focus is not only the UK's best selling car, but the worlds best selling car too! The latest version is being released in the first quarter of 2014 and is expected to make its first appearance at the Geneva Motor Show in March. There have been several interior and exterior updates to the new model which is a facelifted version of the third generation (2011-present) version. You can read our full Focus review which contains: Overview, History and other key Focus information by clicking here. The new Focus is expected to sell in the UK from prices beginning at £14,000 and one of the main things that stands out is the new front grille design, which follows in the line of the new Ford Fiesta grille design. This new grille is in the style of the Aston Martin and the latest version does not disappoint in terms of continuing in the vein of former versions. With its exceptional handling and being a great ride, it comes in many variants with some great engines available. One of the best models available is the 1.0L Ecoboost petrol engine and there is a new 1.5L diesel version available at the lower end of the Focus range. Still top of the range is the Focus ST which has extremely good performance, is very well equipped and also has a very well designed interior. The interior design is an area which Ford have looked to improve on for their top selling small family car. This is to keep it up there with the likes of the new VW Golf and Seat Leon. Hatchbacks have never really taken off in the US until the Focus was introduced. Americans love this car and the new 2014 version is expected to be a huge seller. Watch this American video review for the 2014 model below:

Replacement parts

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