Wednesday 16th November 2016
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The New Alfa Romeo Giulia
As a lot of people will know deliveries of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia are soon to be happening (they’re expected to start late November)! After a long wait, they finally revealed the price range for this exciting car last month. They took their time to actually tell everyone this important piece of info, but once it was finally released it was possible to evaluate whether the Giulia was to be any real competition for its rivals, the Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4, Jaguar XE and BMW 3-Series. It’s always a big deal when the price of a brand new car is released, especially when it’s been hyped up as much as this one! It has a lot to live up to and is expected to be amazing… And as for their competition? Price-wise, the entry level Giulia is bit steep in comparison; it starts at £29,180 which is a good few thousand more expensive than the cheapest versions of some of its competitors. However, to make up for it, it has a much more powerful engine and more safety equipment. The lowest price will get you a 197bhp 2.0 litre petrol engine and if you want diesel, you’ll need to go for the more expensive Super spec or even higher spec levels… Alfa Romeo Giulias with a diesel engine start at £30,750 for a 148bhp engine and a further £1,200 to will get you the more powerful 178bhp, both at Super spec level. As you climb the spec levels, you’ll also find Tecnica (for only a couple of hundred more than the Super) which comes with additions like a reversing camera and electric seats, and Speciale. The top dog in terms of spec levels is the Quadrifoglio, meant to be more efficient than the competition and hugely fast. This baby is priced from £59,000. So is it really worth it? It has a fierce look (described by Alfa Romeo as ‘meaningful beauty’) and a five star safety rating but all the Giulias also have an eight-speed automatic gearbox and there is no manual option… Maybe a bit of a fall down if you prefer manual cars? Let’s just hope that this beautiful car it lives up to its expectations, which appear to be fairly high! Has the price put anyone off the Alfa Romeo Giulia? Is it a reasonable price for such a slick car or a bit extortionate? Need new or used van/car parts at awesome prices? Get quotes from breakers across the UK.