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The new 2014 Nissan Note has received the new DIG-S engine which is claimed to deliver the emissions and economy of a diesel engine. The Note has been in production since 2002 and this new DIG-S engine is coupled to the second generation model which was released in 2012. You can read our full Note review by clicking here. The new 1.6L DIG-S (Direct Injection Gasoline – Supercharged) is claimed to be the leading engine of this type in the mini MPV class with its efficient engine and low running costs. This is a three-cylinder engine which produces 98PS with 65.7mpg, 99g/km CO2 emissions and 147nm of torque. As three-cylinder engines can suffer from imbalance, this engine has an offset crank pulley counterweight to combat this. It also has the 'Miller Cycle' combustion which along with the supercharger, gives the vehicle greater efficiency. This engine comes fitted with a 5-speed manual gearbox as standard but there is also the option of the Xtronic gearbox which has some new low friction technology. This new technology means that this gearbox fitted with the 1.6L DIG-S engine will give low emissions of 119g/km. On the 2014 model Nissan have improved the restarting of their start/stop system which has greatly reduced any noise and vibration which was previously an issue on earlier models. The DIG-S is the top of the Note range and comes fitted with 16” alloys, improved suspension and updated software. This car is available from the lowest Acenta trim at a starting price of £14,495. Geraldine Ingham the Chief Marketing Manager of Nissan Europe said this of the new engine on the Note: "Nissan Note has already made a real impression in Europe with strong sales in all markets. The arrival of the hugely effective DIG-S engine and the added design enhancements offered by the Style Pack will further cement its position as a genuine force in the B-segment," Watch the video below for the new 2014 Nissan Note:

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