Friday 2nd December 2016
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Ford Ka Plus
The Ford Ka has been replaced with the new and better Ford Ka+! The car became available in the UK this year and the price is pretty sweet. Starting at £8,995, it is thought to be about the same size as the beloved Fiesta which starts from the higher price of £13,465. Ford also claims that the new Ka+ will be economical and keep running costs low. Their aim with the Ka+ was to design a small, low-cost car which boasts a good amount of space for this type of car. The 1.2-litre four-cylinder engine is not too dissimilar from the Fiesta’s 1.25-litre engine but it costs less to manufacture. The Ford Ka+ also makes use of many of the same components as the Fiesta. Size-wise, the Fiesta and the Ka+ aren’t too different; in comparison to the Fiesta, the Ka+ is a bit shorter in length, but slightly taller. 13 litres of underfloor storage and the regular boot space help to make up a 270-litre boot which is smaller than the Fiesta’s but not by too much. Which one do you think you prefer the sound of? The Ka+ was already on sale in India and South America before becoming available in the UK. However, the European version has been further developed; the European Ka+ is of a higher quality to meet European tastes and standards and has been test driven in Europe to make sure it provides a comfortable experience in European conditions. It has also been developed to meet safety standards. I bet you’re wondering what the Ka+ actually includes? Well, we’re about to tell you! The standard package will include things like remote central locking, and electric front windows and door mirrors so it’s pretty basic. As standard the Ka+ will also have Hill Start Assist, and a speed limiter which can be set to help you maintain a certain speed. Additionally, it will have MyFord Dock which holds a smartphone securely on the dashboard; very handy for all you who have grown out of the idea of a traditional satnav (although it’ll hold those too)! And it doesn’t just hold the phone, it can charge it as well. Six airbags and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System are also part and parcel of the new Ka+. So, what do you think of the new Ka+? Compared with the Fiesta, this could be a great car to help you save, but it’s not really the typical boy-racer car! Need new or used van/car parts at awesome prices? Get quotes from breakers across the UK.