Tuesday 25th February 2014
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Nissan Motor Co. are recalling 16,838 Nissan Frontier pick up trucks for an electrical issue. This recall is specifically for the North American market and US safety regulators have filed a document saying that there is the potential for a fire due to an electrical problem. This problem has risen due to poor installation at the Nissan assembly plant in Canton, Mississippi as a circuit breaker in the Frontier may not have been fitted correctly. The recall will affect Frontier vehicles built between 2012 and 2014. A document filed by the US NHTSA says that this problem may also affect the sunroof and power seat functions, and in some cases meaning these functions will not work at all. This recall is expected to begin in early March according to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and will affect the following number of vehicles in the US, Mexico and Canada: USA - 13,535 Mexico – 1,930 Canada – 1,373 Nissan dealers will begin checking the Frontier vehicles which fall into the above categories and if they find any problem with the circuit breaker wiring harness they will fix it or replace it free of charge. There have not yet been any reports of any accidents or injuries caused by this failure. There has been one report of smoke coming from underneath the dashboard on a Frontier vehicle in Mexico. This occurred in December 2013. It is always recommended that you keep a regular check out for any recall issues on your vehicle to ensure you are up to date with any required fixes.

Do you own a Nissan Frontier?

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