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Nissan will showcase two of their new electric vehicles at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The two vehicles on show will be the Nissan BladeGlider concept car and the e-NV200 zero-emissions van. This will be the first time the e-NV200 has been shown publicly. The BladeGlider concept car has an unconventional design, with a narrow front end and is set to challenge the conventional thinking for the design of performance sports cars. It is a very unique looking vehicle which was inspired by the ZEOD RC zero emission on Demand race car which will be racing in the 2014 Le-Mans 24 hour race. You would think that the narrow tracked front end design would negatively affect the handling and performance, but Nissan have strategically placed the lithium ion batteries and the on-board motors to give the vehicle perfect weight distribution. Make your own mind up what you think of this vehicle by having a look below at the official promotional clip for the Nissan BladeGlider concept car: The other electric vehicle is the e-NV200 production version which Nissan says combines the best of the Nissan Leaf with the best of the NV200. They also say that this vehicle brings unprecedented refinement, extremely low running costs and zero emissions. The e-NV200 is expected for release in May 2014 and will either be available as a van or a 5-seater people carrier. The people carrier version will be available in Combi trim of the more luxurious Evalia trim. Nissan will also show their two latest versions of the new X-Trail and Qashqai SUVs. The Geneva Motor Show will take place from 6-16 March 2014.

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