Monday 12th May 2014
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Nissan have recently announced that are working on a new Electric Vehicle (EV) battery which is set for release in 2017 and also that Nissan's premium brand Infiniti are set to release an EV version that same year. These plans were announced at the 2014 Tokyo Motor Show by Andy Palmer, who is an executive vice-president at Nissan and is also their Chief Planning Officer. Andy is second in command to CEO Carlos Ghosn, and when he makes statements, they usually come to pass. The Nissan Leaf is the main EV for Nissan at the minute and this new proposed battery would be introduced the same time as a new model of the Leaf was to be released. Infiniti is the premium brand of Nissan and it was also announced that Nissan are set to bring an EV Infiniti model out, and it could follow in the lines of the Infiniti LE concept (pictured). As Nissan are looking to build on their premium brand, it makes a lot of sense to introduce an EV model into the Infiniti line-up. There has also been mention of Nissan looking to alter the design of the Leaf and make it look more 'mainstream'. The current version has a real EV look to it and Nissan could look to the likes of the Tesla Model S who have a more mainstream look to their EV model. What are your thoughts on EV's and do you think they are worth the money? Let us know, by leaving your comments in our comments box below.

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