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A pensioner has created a wooden Volkswagen Beetle, yes you heard right, a wooden Beetle! Momir Bojic is a Bosnian pensioner and he created a wooden Volkswagen Beetle using more than 50,000 Oak wooden pieces. How he managed this challenge is quite incredible and the most important thing about it all, is the fact that it is completely 100% road legal. He covered the body work of his favourite Beetle with thousands of small Oak tiles, and every single little tile has to go through 23 different procedures before it could be fitted to the car. Now that is determination! Bojic who is 71 years old, took over two years to create this vehicle and has been an avid Volkswagen fan for many years now. He created every wooden fitting himself in his garden workshop at his home in Celinac, near Banja Luka, Bosnia. These wooden fittings include such parts as the steering wheel, hubcaps, wing mirrors and gear stick to name just a few. As you can imagine, Bojic says that wherever he goes in this car, it is a head turner and draws crowds of people in to have a look at this exceptional version of the famous VW Beetle. The Beetle was first introduced way back in 1938 and the original style Beetle ceased production in 2003, although the new type Beetle has been in production since 1997. You can read our 2013 Beetle review by clicking here. What do you think of what this pensioner has done to create this wooden Beetle? Share your thoughts in our comments box below. Watch the video below for a look at the wooden Volkswagen Beetle:

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