Friday 26th December 2014
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The French automobile manufacturing giant Peugeot recently held its first ever defensive driving programme in Malaysia in partnership with local distributor, Nasmin. The event was held at the MAEPS (Malaysia Agro Expedition Park Serdang) and not only was it the first of its kind in Malaysia, but the first time Peugeot had put on such an event anywhere worldwide. The event was open to all Peugeot drivers in Malaysia and was snapped up in 10 days by 60 different drivers. What was available for the Peugeot owners were lessons in how to handle difficult circumstances and situations of both over and under steer. The main aim of the event was to teach drivers good defensive driving techniques and safe driving habits such as having your driver's seat in an upright position to allow yourself full control of the vehicle. A Peugeot 408 Turbo and Peugeot 208 1.6L VTi were the vehicles used for the testing. The surface was made extremely slippery to allow the drivers to learn what to do in really tricky  situations. Dato Samson Anand George is the CEO at Nasmin and this is what he had to say about the Peugeot Driving Performance event: “By creating a controlled environment, we are helping Peugeot owners unlock the full potential of their vehicles. They will be able to push their cars to the limit while experiencing the safety features of the car,” What do you think of the Peugeot Driving Performance? Do you think they should hold one in the UK or elsewhere in Europe? Let us know what you think by leaving your comments in our comments box below. Watch the video below for a look at the recent Peugeot Driving Performance which was held in Malaysia:

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