Monday 13th October 2014
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The Peugeot Exalt concept was first unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show earlier this year, but the French automobile manufacturing company have decided to make an updated version more suited to the European market, which will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show next month. The main differences from the Chinese version to the European one is to replace the red finish at the rear with the grey 'Shark skin' finish and an altered interior finish. The new interior has a 'newspaper wood' finish and each external panel is hand beaten and helps give the car an extremely aerodynamic design. The Exalt has a pantograph mechanism fitted to the tailgate which means that there is room to store the Hybrid-kick foldaway scooter which is stored underneath the boot floor. The Exalt is a very long vehicle, measuring in at 4.7m long. It is fitted with the Peugeot Hybrid4 powertrain which has a total bhp of 335 including the 266bhp petrol engine and the 89bhp electric motor. Maxime Picat is the Chief Executive Officer of the Peugeot brand and this is what she had to say about the latest Exalt concept: “Peugeot's 125-year automobile history is punctuated by models that made a mark on their era. With the Exalt Concept, the Brand has reasserted its position and opened a new chapter. We are moving forward, resolutely, with confidence.” What do you think of the latest version of the Exalt Concept car? Do you think it is an improvement of the previous version? Share your thoughts in our comments box below. Watch the official trailer for the Peugeot Exalt concept car below:

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