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The Renault Magnum is a heavy duty truck which is produced by the French automobile manufacturing company Renault Trucks, which is the division of Renault. The Magnum has been in production since 1990 and was named the International Truck of the Year in 1991. These vehicles are extremely well built and are very popular all over the world. You can read our full Renault Magnum review by clicking here. They are known to be very reliable trucks but like all motor vehicles, they have commonly associated problems. If you are facing problems with your Magnum, we have listed some common problems and solutions for fixing these problems. We also have a list of some of the most recent recalls made on these vehicles. Breakeryard can help you to find the parts you need to fix your problem, irrespective of whether your problem is listed here or not. At the bottom of the page you will find our comments box where you can share your experience or you can enter your registration number in our part finder to begin your parts search. If you would rather talk to one of us, give us a call on 0701 310 0701.

Renault Magnum problems and solutions

Brake chamber becoming loose

Problem: On vehicles built between 13-01-2003 and 24-04-2003 there was a problem on some vehicles which the brake chamber detaching from its mounting due to a lack of heat being applied during manufacture. Solution: This problem was subject to a recall by Renault trucks and should be fixed free of charge at your local Renault Trucks dealer.

Truck key problems

Problem: It has been known for these vehicles to have problems with the keys not working properly. This is due to a software fault on the key. Solution: The only solution to this problem is to have the key reprogrammed, which will have to be done at a Renault Trucks dealer.

Semi trailer uncoupling

Problem: This was a known problem for Magnum and other Renault trucks, where the vehicles locking pin on the fifth wheel not being up to standard. Solution: Renault recalled this problem in 2008 and they check the serial number on this wheel and fit a locking pin kit to the wheel if required.

Steering ball joint failure

Problem: The steering ball joint has been known to fail on these vehicles. There was an issue with the heat treatment during manufacturing which led to the steering ball joint wearing out prematurely. Solution: As this problem was due to a manufacturing fault, Renault Trucks fixed this problem at no cost to the owner and it was subject to a recall in 2006.

Steering and suspension problems

Problem: If you have noticed that the steering on your Renault Magnum has started to loose the directional control, it is most likely down to a problem with the suspension. The rear pneumatic suspension leaves are known to fail, resulting in loss of directional control. Solution: This problem was subject to a recall in 2009.


The Renault Magnum has been in production for quite a while now, a total of 23 years. As you would expect from a vehicle of this age, there has been several recalls made. We have taken our list of recalls from the website where you can check out the full list of recalls on this vehicle. We have listed the most recent recalls below, where you can click the link to access further information. These problems should no longer be an issue on your vehicle as Renault should have fixed them for free due to manufacturing faults.

On our common problems and solutions section above, you may not have found your problem listed. This doesn't mean your problem is not common, it just means our list is not exhaustive. If your problem is not listed, you can share it with us by leaving your comments in the comments box below. If you need the parts to fix your problem, check out our Renault Magnum parts page, enter your registration number in our part finder or call us on 0701 310 0701 to talk to one of our specialist advisers.