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The Volkswagen Camper Van is classed as a panel van which is produced by the German automobile manufacturing company Volkswagen. This vehicle is also known as the Type 2 which has been in production since 1950 and is still in production in some countries. The VW Transporter was another unofficial name for this vehicle, and would be succeeded by the VW Transporter in most countries. These vehicles are very popular worldwide and especially for those who love to do a bit travelling. They are very practical vehicles which were very well built, but like all motor vehicles, they have their commonly associated problems. Why not have a look at our common problems and solutions for these problems. Breakeryard can help you to find the exact parts you need to fix your problem at incredibly low prices through our vast network of UK Breakers. Whether you can find your problem listed or not, we can help you to find the right parts you need at the right prices.

Volkswagen Camper Van problems and solutions

Starting problems

Problem: As most versions of the Type 2 Camper Van are pretty old now, they can have issues with the vehicle not starting. This can be caused by a low battery or something to do with the fuel pump. Solution: First thing to do is check the battery connections. If this isn't the issue check the battery fluid levels. The next thing is to check the connection between the fuel pump and fuel pipe to ensure there is no fuel leaking. The last check to make is to spray some WD40 onto the HT leads where they connect to the coil, as this is known to gather dampness.

Rough running

Problem: If you have noticed that the engine is sounding very sluggish and is running poorly, then your vehicle is most likely not firing on all four cylinders. Solution:The first thing to check is that the spark plugs, HT leads and distributor caps are securely in place. If this doesn't resolve the issue then you will have to find which part is faulty and replace this part to fix the problem.

Accelerator/Clutch cable problems

Problem: It is known on these vehicles for both the accelerator cable and clutch cable to snap, which would either leave you unable to get any power or unable to change gear. Solution: You are best carrying spare cables with you at all time and finding out how to fit them, as it is not to difficult.

Indicator/Rear lights failing

Problem: It is a common problem on these vehicles for the bulbs to fail, particularly on the indicators and rear lights. Solution: You will need to fit new a new bulb to rectify the problem. Carrying these bulbs with you is recommended.

Brake problems

Problem: Poor maintenance of the brakes could lead to failure on these parts, especially the Brake callipers ceasing or the handbrake shoes. Solution: Remove and clean both the brake pads and rear brake drums once a year to optimize performance and get full life from your braking parts.


There are no recalls listed on the department for transport recalls database for the Volkswagen Camper Van. This is because the database only goes back as far as 1992, and the Camper Van did have a recall in 1959 due to uncharacteristical engine problems, which Volkswagen changed all engines on the 59' Camper Van. There should not be any problem that was subject to a recall, which should still occur on any vehicle. Recalls were made due to manufacturing faults which the manufacturer should fix free of charge. Don't worry too much if you don't see your problems listed in the common problems and solutions section above. This list is by no means an exhaustive list but only covers some of the known issues with this vehicle and you can share your problem with us in the comments box below. If you are looking for the parts to fix this problem, have a look at our Volkswagen Camper Van parts page or try entering your registration number in our part finder. We know some people prefer to talk to someone about their problems, so if this is you, call us on *0701 310 0701 to speak to one of our friendly advisers.