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Renault have just recently launched their latest version of the Trafic through a Social Media campaign based on the popular 1980's TV program Knight Rider. This latest campaign is called 'Trafic Rider' and was created by the French Social Media agency: We are Social. This campaign is set to be pushed out in 15 different countries including the UK, France and Germany. The main feature of this campaign is the video which shows a fictional tradesman named Michael Craftsman (Based on Michael Knight) driving around in the Trafic Rider. This is aimed at tradesmen, who will be the main market for the new Trafic. We are Social also created a microsite which is available to view at This site includes the promotional Knight Rider themed video, images, teasers and several other aspects of the new vehicle. This is what Caroline Méchaï who is the director of global advertising and media at Renault had to say about this project: "This is an unprecedented initiative for a Renault LCV. The intention is to give Trafic a more dynamic image and reach out to a broader audience than just business users." Sandrine Plasseraud is the managing director at We Are Social France and this is what she had to say about the joint venture with Renault: "This campaign has allowed us to demonstrate our creativity and innovation in social thinking and high-end content production." What do you think of the Renault Trafic Rider? Do you think this campaign will help them to sell many vehicles? Share your thoughts with us in our comments box below. Check out the Renault Trafic Rider promotional video which was produced by the Social Media firm 'We are Social France':

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