Wednesday 23rd April 2014
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The image to the right has been floating around the internet for the last few days and it looks like Renault took the sub eight minute Nurburgring lap of the SEAT Leon Cupra very seriously. We wrote an article last month about the SEAT Leon Cupra breaking the fastest lap around the Nurburgring for a front wheel drive production car. We want to clear it up that the lap was done by a Leon Cupra which had a performance pack, meaning it does not count as breaking the record of the fastest front wheel drive production car. The Leon Cupra done the lap in 7:58:44 which looked like it had taken 10 seconds of the record, which is held by a Renault Megane. Read this article here. This means that the Renault Megane still holds the record set at 8:07:97 but there are already plans for the Opel Astra VXR Extreme and Honda Civic Type R to have a real go at this record in the very near future. This logo circulating the internet shows that Renault could well be set to respond to these new challenges to their current record. They would like to post the first sub eight minute lap for a front wheel drive production car and get themselves further ahead of their rivals in the race for the fastest lap. On the image it looks like a partnership for Renault Sport with Michelin, Akrapovic, Ohlins and BRM. We wait with anticipation to see if this is actually true and Renault are keeping tight lipped on the issue, with an update due for 16th June. Who do you think will be the first to break the eight minute barrier for a front wheel drive production car? Let us know in our comments box below. Watch the Renault Megane fastest Nurburgring lap on the video below:

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