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The Mitsubishi Lancer is set for a return to the UK market according to the UK Mitsubishi Managing Director Lance Bradley. The Lancer has been out of production in the UK for some time now and Mitsubishi UK have announced that the hatchback version of this car is set to make a return to these shores. We have a full Lancer review which you can view by clicking here. This is what Bradley had to say about the reintroduction of this car to the UK: “We're looking at reintroducing the Lancer, It was a car that sold reasonably well, but when the Yen exchange rates went against us it became impossible. Hopefully the cars will arrive this summer. The decision will be finalised within the next couple of weeks, we have been talking to the factory for some time.” The new Lancer would only be available in one trim level and would have the choice of two different engines. The proposed engines will be the same ones used in the ASX crossover: 1.6L petrol and 1.8L diesel engines. The 1.8L offers 55mpg in the ASX and is expected to be around the same in the Lancer. The high performance Lancer Evolution will not be offered in the UK and the car is expected to go on sale at a price of less than £15,000. Mitsubishi want to keep the price competitive. If the plans go ahead, it is expected to go on sale in the summer this year. Have a look at the Lancer hatchback review in the video below:

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