Wednesday 13th March 2013
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Have you ever owned a Vauxhall Monaro? Did you have to replace any parts? If so, then we would love to hear about your experience of this vehicle and how the parts performed when fitted. Write your review in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Vauxhall Monaro Overview

The Vauxhall Monaro is classed as a 'muscle car' which was produced by the British automobile manufacturing company Vauxhall Motors. This car only had a short production life, from 2004 to 2006. The Vauxhall version of this car was taken from the Australian Holden Monaro. Holden is the sister company of Vauxhall, and this car was like no other Vauxhall on the market, giving the company a new image. These cars have high performance V8 engines but have really high running costs and the handling is pretty poor. They do have great safety features, are well equipped and are great fun to drive. They don't hold their resale value very well. Does this sound like your experience of this car?

Vauxhall Monaro History

The Vauxhall Monaro was introduced in 2004 and was totally different than any other Vauxhall before it. As this was basically a rebadged version of the Australian Holden Monaro, with some alterations, they were very powerful sports cars. This car won the Top Gear best muscle car award and there was a more powerful 6.0L version introduced, the VXR. The new torqued up version was capable of reaching 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds. The Morano was discontinued in 2007 and was replaced with the Vauxhall VXR8.

Model Types

Standard trim VXR

Fuel Economy

The Vauxhall Monaro was available in 2 different engines: 5.7 and 6.0L V8 petrol engines. These engines are very poor economically, offering from 17 to 19mpg, but what do you expect from a 'muscle car'. Which engine did you have and how did it perform economically? The fuel type, age and engine size are determining factors when considering fuel economy on a motor vehicle.


The Vauxhall Monaro is only available with a 6-speed manual gearbox. How did you rate the performance of the gearbox on your Monaro? You can find gearbox parts for your Monaro by visiting the Vauxhall gearbox section of our website today.


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