Thursday 8th November 2012
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We would love to hear about your experience of the Lexus GS 300. If you have ever owned one of these cars and had to buy any replacement parts then let us know how these parts performed when fitted. Leave your comments in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Lexus GS 300 Overview

The Lexus GS 300 is classed as a mid-sized executive car and is produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota. Lexus is the luxury division of Toyota and this vehicle has been in production since 1991 to 2011. The GS range fits in-between the entry level IS and the full size LS. The GS 300 is a comfortable luxury car which is well equipped and very reliable. They have great safety and security features. For a car of this size the cabin space is pretty poor and the performance lets it down. They are expensive to buy and an Audi A6 or BMW 5-series seems a better and cheaper option than this car. Does this sound anything like your experience of this car?

Lexus GS 300 History

The first generation (1991-96) wanted to break away from the traditional Japanese styling so they had the Italian design company Giugiaro design the car with a smoother looking European appearance. The export version of the GS 300 was first produced in 1993 and the GS 300 has a really stylish interior design. The second generation (1997-2004) design was produced in-house and incorporated more traditional Toyota design features. This version was much more successful than the previous version. In 2000 this vehicle had a facelift which mainly affected the lights design and grille design. The third generation (2005-07) was based on Lexus’s L-finesse design philosophy making it more aerodynamic, and was built on anew platform. There was an all-wheel drive version available for the GS 300. The GS 300 was replaced with the GS 350 for export markets when this vehicle was face lifted in 2007.


Standard Trim SE-L SE S

Fuel Economy

The Lexus GS 300 has a 3.0L petrol engine which offers up to 29mpg. How did your GS 300 perform in terms of fuel economy? The main factors that determine fuel economy are age, fuel type and engine size.


The Lexus GS 300 has been available in 4, 5, 6 and 8-speed automatic and CVT gearboxes. Which gearbox did you have on your GS 300 and how do you rate its performance? Have a look at our Lexus gearbox section to search for your GS 300 gearbox parts.


You can find Lexus GS 300 parts through Breakeryard at great prices. We have a comprehensive network of UK Breakers with parts available for all makes and models. You can visit the GS 300 parts page or enter your vehicle details in our part finder to locate the exact parts you are looking for.