Thursday 6th September 2012
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If you have ever owned or driven a Saab 96 then we would love to hear about it. You could also share of the replacement parts you bought and how they faired. Write your comments in the comments box below.

Saab 96 Overview

The Saab 96 is classed as a compact car which is produced by the Swedish car manufacturing company Saab Automobiles. This is now a classic car as it has not been produced since 1980, and first begun production in 1960. This car replaced the Saab 93 and was designed on the same Saab 92 platform of the car it replaced. This was the car that made the Saab name well known across the world and was the first Saab car to be imported to the UK. Saab has always built reliable, sturdy vehicles and this was to become a popular car.

Saab 96 History

The Saab 96 was first released in 1960 and was highly successful in both the US and Europe. Saab reported sales increases of 42% in Sweden after the introduction of this car. As technologies advanced the Saab 96 became an overall better performer and a major safety innovation was introduced on this vehicle which would be used by other manufacturing companies. ABS was introduced for the first time on this vehicle. New versions and upgrades were continuously being produced year in year out, as the interior, exterior and mechanical parts were all improved as this car advanced. New colours were brought in for the car, improved lights, control panels amongst other parts. Production of this vehicle ceased in 1980.


Saab Sport Saab GT750 Saab 96 De-Luxe

Fuel Economy

The engines that were available over this cars lifetime were the first 750cc which was then upgraded to the 841cc in 1963 and the 1.5 V4 version came out in 1967. As the 750 and later 841cc were small engines, they were pretty good on petrol but the 1.5 V4 was a bit greedier. Overall they were pretty good on fuel.


The first gearbox was a 3-speed manual which was replaced with a 4-speed manual. If you are looking for gearbox parts for your Saab 96 then have a look at our Saab gearbox page to help you find these parts.


We can help you find the right parts for your car. Have a look at the Saab 96 parts page or you can enter your vehicle details in our part finder to locate the parts you need. We have a comprehensive network of Breakers who have many different parts available for most cars.