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We would love to hear about your experience of the Vauxhall Brava. If you have ever owned one of these vehicles and had to replace any parts then share your experience. Also let us know how the parts performed when fitted to the vehicle. Leave your comments in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Vauxhall Brava Overview

The Vauxhall Brava is classed as a pickup truck which was produced by the British automobile manufacturing company Vauxhall Motors. This vehicle was in production from 1992 to 2002. These vehicles are based on the Japanese compact pickup truck, the Isuzu Rodeo. The Brava is basically a rebadged Isuzu Rodeo. These pickup trucks are well built and are really practical, high performers that work well with a heavy load and without. They are good both on road and off road, but the problem with replacement parts, is that you can only get them at Vauxhall dealers. Well worth considering if you are after a good quality pickup truck.


The Vauxhall Brava was introduced in 1992 and was to become a popular vehicle, making Vauxhall more competitive in the pick up market. This vehicle is a rebadged Isuzu Rodeo, and was developed in conjunction with Isuzu and Vauxhall. This vehicle had a few different versions which are listed below. These vehicles were known for being great workhorses, especially for towing. The versions which had the rear roofs were used by the police and fire & rescue in the UK for a short while, due to their reputation as great workhorses. This vehicle ended production in 2002.

Model Types

Single Cab Single Cab with Rear roof Double Cab Double Cab with Rear roof

Fuel Economy

The Vauxhall Brava was available in 2.3L petrol and 2.5L diesel engines. The 2.5L diesel engine is the most economical, offering up to 40mpg which is really good for a vehicle of this type. Which engine did you have and how does it perform in terms of fuel economy? The age, fuel type and engine size are determining factors when considering fuel economy for a motor vehicle.


The Vauxhall Brava has been available in 5 or 6 speed manual and 5-speed automatic gearboxes. Which gearbox do you have and how do you rate its performance? You can have a look at the Vauxhall gearbox page of our website to begin your search for the gearbox related parts you need for your Brava.


Have you experienced problems with parts on the Brava? If so, why not check our Brava problems page here to find the solutions. We can help you find Vauxhall Brava parts at incredibly low prices. We know that these parts are hard to come by and can be very expensive to replace. Here at Breakeryard we have a comprehensive network of UK Breakers with parts available for all makes and models. Begin your search by either entering your vehicle details in our part finder or visiting the Brava parts page to locate those needed parts.