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Do you own or have you ever owned a Toyota Landcruiser Colorado? If so we would love to hear of your personal experience with this vehicle. We would also like to hear about any parts you bought for this vehicle. Leave your review in our comments box below.

Toyota Landcruiser Colorado Overview

The Landcruiser Colorado is part of the Landcruiser range, and is probably one of the smallest versions of this vehicle. They are produced by the Japanese auto manufacturers Toyota, and are known under many different names across the world including: Landcruiser Prado and Lexus GX. In the USA it is not sold as part of the Landcruiser range but under the Lexus GX name. This is a great off-road vehicle which is extremely reliable and a well equipped 4x4. It might not be as classy as some its rivals, and is a costly vehicle but it performs really well.

Toyota Landcruiser Colorado History

The first version (1990-96) of the Prado was introduced in 1990 as a replacement to the 70 series Bundera model. Improvements were made to the suspension, the engines were upgraded with more options being made available. There were some changes to the exterior which affected the headlights, grille and bumpers. The second version (1996-2002) was changed from a 70 series to the 90 series, which made it a bit longer than its predecessor. This was the first version to be introduced to the UK, under the Colorado name. New suspension systems were used and a different range of engines were brought in. In 1999 it had a makeover to comply with new laws that were made. The third version (2002-2009) was the final version to use the Colorado name, it was dropped in 2003 and just used the Landcruiser name alone from this point on. This version made changes to the suspension as there was problems with the previous versions suspension. The new design gave it a new look and feel. After 2003 this vehicle continued to be produced without the Colorado name. The current Toyota Landcruiser Colorado is not marketed under the Colorado name, but the fourth version (2009 - present) is the current model on the market. This version is very modern with many great features.



Fuel Economy

Under the Colorado name there were a variety of different engines available. There were 2.0, 2.4, 2.8 and 3.0 diesel engines and the petrol available in 2.7 and 3.4L engines. The most economical of this range was the diesel engines, but as you can expect of this type of vehicle, they guzzle the fuel. Remember to consider the age, fuel type and engine size when determining fuel economy.


The available gearboxes were 4 and 5 speed manual and 5 and 6 speed automatic. If you have any problems with any gearbox parts then have a look at our Toyota gearbox section which specialises in these gearbox parts.


Landcruiser Colorado parts can be hard to find and expensive to replace. Here at Breakeryard we have very competitive prices through our comprehensive network of different Breakers. Enter your vehicle details in our part finder to locate your parts or visit the Colorado parts page today.