Friday 14th September 2012
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If you have ever owned, driven or had to buy replacement parts for the Toyota Land Cruiser then we would love to hear about the experience. Write a review in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Toyota Land Cruiser Overview

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a 4x4 vehicle produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturers Toyota. This vehicle has been produced in many variations since 1951 and has become a very popular 4x4 vehicle across the world. These vehicles are good both on and off road, are very practical, spacious and are good value for money. They are not as accomplished on-road as some of its rivals in this class. The Toyota Land Cruiser is also known as Land Cruiser Colorado.

Toyota Land Cruiser History

The first version BJ (1951-55) was designed for the military. The next version, the 20 series (1955-60) had a new design that would appeal more to the general public and sell on the world market. The 40 series (1960-84) was an updated version of the 20-series and became a very popular 4x4. The 55 (1967-80) was the first station wagon version of the Land Cruiser. The new modern range began with the 60 series (1980-90) as this vehicle was altered slightly to compete in the now popular SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) market. The 70 series (1984 - present ) is still being sold in some markets, namely Africa and Latin America. The 80 series (1989-97) was a very stylish and modern looking 4x4 for its time. The 90 series (1996-2002) was available in short and long wheel base versions. The 100 series (1998-2007) was designed as a replacement to the 80 series. There are two main versions of the 100 series, the 100 and 105. The 105 carried over many design features of the 80 series where as the 100 was built on a new chassis. The 120 series (2002-09) was sold as the Land Cruiser Prado. The 200 series (2008 - present ) was a replacement for the 100 series and is the current version in production.


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Fuel Economy

The more modern versions of the Land Cruiser are bigger vehicles than earlier versions and have the following engine sizes available: 4.0, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.7 petrol engines, and 4.2 and 4.5 turbo diesel versions. The smaller sized engines are 2.7 and 3.4 petrol and 3.0 diesel. The most economical is the 3.0L diesel, which offers up to 34mpg, which is not bad for a 4x4 vehicle.


The current available gearboxes are: 5-speed manual and 5 and 6 speed automatic. There was 4-spped manual and automatic available in earlier versions of the Land Cruiser. We have a section of our website dedicated to Toyota gearbox parts, where you can look for your Land Cruiser gearbox parts.


If you are looking for Land Cruiser parts then we are sure to be of help. Our comprehensive network of different Breakers has many parts available, awaiting order. Visit our Land Cruiser parts page or enter your vehicle details in our part finder to locate the parts you need for your vehicle.