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Student passes driving test first time after killing a deer in the process

Most people struggle to pass their driving test first time. (And let’s be honest sometimes the second, third and fourth times can be a struggle too.). So Tom Lo has us all amazed after passing his test on the first try. That’s after hitting and killing a deer during the test itself.

Last month, a story broke about Tom Lo, a sixth-form student in Colchester, who had completed about half of his first driving test when a deer stepped in front of the car. He put on the brakes but couldn’t avoid hitting the deer which was killed. After having the vehicle inspected for damage by the instructor, he was told he could carry on with the test. The 17-year continued with his test and proceeded to pass with only two minors.

Tom’s comment on it to the Evening Standard was:  “I was pleased to pass my test but I also killed a baby deer so I didn’t feel like celebrating. I was just happy because I had worked hard and it was important to me.”

Tom learnt to drive with Coggeshall Driving School and his instructor, 56-year old Robert Jezierski, commented: “you could tell he was shook up. Full credit to him though because it didn’t affect his driving”.

 We’d like to congratulate Tom Lo on his obviously excellent driving in the face of an emergency, despite the mixed feelings which it was bound to produce. The road could do with more drivers as calm and capable as you, Tom.  


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