Wednesday 9th July 2014
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Toyota are aiming to improve sales of their luxury premium brand Lexus. The Lexus brand has now been around for over 25 years and Toyota President Akio Toyoda has made improved sales of the luxury brand one of his top priorities. Part of the plans to see the Lexus premium brand become a household name worldwide is to start producing Lexus vehicles at the Motomachi plant in Japan. Toyota have recently announced that production of Lexus vehicles will begin at this plant in August. Almost half of all Lexus sales happen in the US and Toyota are looking for ways to improve the name of the Lexus brand worldwide. Lexus GS Sedans will now be produced at the Motomachi plant and the gap left at the nearby Tahara plant will be filled with a new Lexus model. Lexus vehicles are also produced at the Miyata Japanese plant and the only non-Japanese plant is in Ontario, Canada. The Canadian plant is where the RX SUV vehicle is produced but Toyota are also aiming to start producing Lexus vehicles at their plant in Kentucky, USA by summer 2015. There were around 523,000 Lexus vehicles sold in 2013, with almost 274,000 of those in the US. The RX was the best selling vehicle with over 13,000 sales. What do you think of the Toyota premium brand Lexus? Do you rate these vehicles? Let us know what you think by leaving your comments in our comments box below. Have a look at the video review below for the latest version of the Lexus RX:

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