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Toyota were the first automobile manufacturers to release a production hybrid vehicle, in the Prius and are now set to be the first manufacturers to release a hydrogen fuel cell car. This vehicle will be available in the UK from the summer of next year (2015). FCV stands for Fuel Cell Vehicle and when this vehicle enters the market as a production vehicle, it is expected to bear a new name. Unlike hybrid vehicles, FCV's will not have a combustion engine at all. The technology of a hydrogen fuel cell car works with a fuel cell stack where the hydrogen is stored under pressure. When the hydrogen is mixed with oxygen, a chemical reaction occurs and produces electricity and water. There are no CO2 emissions or harmful NOx particulates which damage the environment. The FCV will only be on sale in London to begin with as this is where the first hydrogen fuelling network is planned for. It will likely be around 2020 before this vehicle is available across the whole of the UK. The FCV is expected to cost around £45,000 which we know is very expensive. The FCV will most likely be available to lease to begin with. We look forward to seeing if the Toyota FCV will be a hit in the UK, and, to see other manufacturers build vehicles of this type. What do you think of the Toyota FCV? Do you think this type of vehicle could be the way forward for motor vehicles? Share your thoughts with us in our comments box below. Have a look at the video below for a look at the Toyota FCV concept at the Paris Motor Show earlier this month:

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