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Both the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport and the 2014 Sonata have received 'Best Bet' awards for their performance and safety. This is just another couple of awards for the ever increasingly popular Hyundai brand who have been exceeding expectations and are becoming one of the top world wide automobile manufacturers. The 'Best Bet' awards are part of the 34th awards for The Car Book, which is one of America's leading consumer car buying guides. The 'Best Bet' section of the awards is for new vehicles which cater for the American consumers needs. This award is broken down into nine different categories: safety features, fuel economy, insurance costs, warranty, repair costs, rollover, crash tests, customer complaints and preventative maintenance. Jack Gilles, the author of The Car Book had this to say: “Hyundai continues to exceed customer expectations in terms of build quality and standard features. By offering vehicles that respond to the safety and performance needs of today’s consumers, Hyundai continues to make a significant contribution to improving the market choices for the American car buyer.” Scott Margason is the Director of Product Planning for Hyundai Motor America and this is what he said about the award: “While Hyundai’s vehicles can be tailored to suit a customer’s lifestyle, there are two aspects that should never be overlooked: safety and standard features. Hyundai is committed to catering to the changing needs of our customers, and receiving the ‘BEST BETS’ accolade acknowledges our ability to deliver high quality vehicles across our entire lineup.” Have a look at the video review for the 2014 Santa Fe:

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