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Vauxhall are celebrating ten years of their VXR brand this year. The VXR brand first hit the UK market back in 2004 and they are celebrating their 10 year anniversary with the release of the Vauxhall VXR V8 GTS. This latest version of the VXR is an excellent performance vehicle which will cost you £54,999 but is one of the only 500+ bhp cars which you can buy for less than £60K. It has an excellent 576bhp and as you would expect it is great fun to drive while being extremely powerful. Over the past 10 years, the VXR range has included the likes of the Monaro VXR and Astra VXR, but it was the VXR 220 which was the first of the VXR range to be released 10 years ago, with the Monaro VXR shortly afterwards. There are another 4 vehicles currently on the market bearing the VXR name: the Astra VXR, Corsa VXR, Cosra VXR Clubsport and the Insignia VXR. The above mentioned VXR V8 GTS means there is a total of 5 available VXR vehicles. There has also been other Vauxhall vehicles which have bore the VXR name, and ones which you would not expect. There were 2 different MPV's to have a VXR model: the Meriva and Zafira. These were both really good to drive and are still exceptional vehicles to own. The VXR has always been most popular in the UK. Have you ever owned any of the VXR range vehicles? What do you think of the new VXR V8 GTS? Share your thoughts and experience with us in our comments box below. Have a look at the video below of the new 2014 Vauxhall VXR V8 GTS:

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