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Volkswagen has been the top selling manufacturer for some time in China. They hit new heights last month with 9 of their cars in the top 20 sales in the Chinese market, selling almost 300,000 vehicles. Five of these vehicles are in the top ten too and when you put this into perspective, the second highest selling manufacturer was Wulling with less than 150,000 vehicle sales, Volkswagen having more than double the sales! This is an extremely high amount of vehicle sales for one month alone, especially when you take into consideration that the Chinese new year fell in January this year. When the new year holiday is on, most dealers shut, so these high numbers are good reading for Volkswagen AG. For all vehicles sold in China over January, this is the highest ever amount of vehicle sales in a single month in the country. Not only is this a record in China but is a world record for vehicles sold in a single month in one country. This is the 11th year in a row that there has been an increase in January sales of vehicles in China. The total number of Volkswagen sales for January 2014 was 294,235 which gave VW a 13.6% share of the Chinese market for that month. The second place went to Wuling with 142,420 sales and third place was Hyundai with 115,198 sales. If you put the Wuling and Hyundai sales together, it still does not amount to the total of Volkswagen sales, showing how much they are now dominating this market. The top selling model for January was the Wuling Hongguang with 81,153 sales. The top Volkswagen model was the Lavida in second place with 61,568 sales. The rest of the Volkswagen vehicles in the top ten were: 7th Santana 27,770; 8th Jetta 27,381; 9th Passat 27,085 and 10th Sagitar 26,686. For the rest of the VW vehicles in the top 20 there was the Polo in 14th place with 24,646; 17th Tiguan 24,282; 19th Magotan 22,116 and 20th Bora 21,005. The Polo had jumped up from 71st to 14th place which is a massive increase.