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The new extremely efficient Volvo Drive-E powertrain is set to make its first appearance on a Volvo vehicle next month. The Drive-E powertrain is said to lower emissions and greatly improve fuel efficiency. Volvo have been working hard to develop a new range of engines which will greatly lower emissions and improve fuel economy. The D4 and T5 engines are both part of the new Drive-E powertrain range. The Volvo V40 will be the first Volvo car to have this powertrain available, and it will be available from May 2014. Volvo claim that the manual version of the 190PS V40 D4 which has the Drive-E powertrain will offer around 74.3mpg and will have low emissions of 99g/km. This low emissions will mean free road tax in the UK as they are under 100g/km. The automatic version of the V40 D4 will not offer as good CO2 emission figures coupled to the new 8-speed Geartronic automatic gearbox. It will have 109g/km where as the V40 Cross Country will give 112g/km. These are still very good emission levels when you bear in mind that automatic cars always emit higher CO2 levels. The T5 front wheel drive powertrain is also in the Drive-E powertrain range and will be coupled to the 8-speed automatic gearbox and has 245PS, 137g/km emissions and offers around 55mpg. It will not only be the new V40 which has the new Drive-E powertrain engines available but all new Volvos will have these engines as an option from May 2014. They intend to have all their 2015 range equipped with Drive-E powertrain engines. This is a very impressive powertrain. What are your thoughts? Share them in our comments box below. Watch the video below for more information on the new Volvo Drive-E Powertrain:

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