Wednesday 16th April 2014
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Volvo Cars have now created an inflatable child seat concept, which if feasible would break the tradition of hard, heavy child car seats. Although this child seat is still in the early stages of development, it is certainly an innovative design concept which would surely take off if proved safe. Volvo have been at the forefront of safety for years now, and if any manufacturer would gain the trust of the general public regarding safety, it would be them. The seat can be folded down into a neat little size which can fit into a small carry bag. In terms of size, the dimensions for the seat are 45 x 50 x 20cm when deflated and it comes with a neat little carry bag. It has an in-built pump which is very quiet and inflates in under 40 seconds. The seat weighs in at less than 5kg which is less than half that of a standard child car seat. It is made of a very strong fabric called 'drop-stitch' which was developed by the military and is used in boating. Maria Hansson is the project manager and this is what she said about the 'drop stitch' fabric: “We used a drop-stitch fabric when creating the prototype of the seat. This fabric is very strong when inflated and can be brought to a very high internal pressure. ” It is also fitted with bluetooth technology which means the seat can be inflated remotely as well as other tasks. The seat faces backwards and Volvo feel pretty strongly on the issue of having your child facing backwards as long as possible, even up to four years old. What do you think of the inflatable car seat concept and do you think it will become a success? Share your thoughts with us in our comments box below. Watch the video below for more information on the Volvo inflatable child seat:

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