Thursday 30th October 2014
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The new advert for the Volkswagen Tiguan has been released. The main theme of the advert is to do with priorities and compromises. The man in the advert (lets call him Dave for names sake) is a married man with two young children. The advert shows Dave having to do several things with the wife and kids, missing out on the things which he would possibly rather be doing. It takes place over a weekend and ends with him getting into the Tiguan after a weekend spent with the family and looking rather pleased to be alone in his vehicle. Do you catch the theme of priorities and compromise? As a family man myself, of course I cannot relate to this advert but have to say I love spending time with the family more than anything (just incase the wife reads this article!). Watch the advert below. The Tiguan is Volkswagen's compact crossover SUV which is an alternative to the Volkswagen Group Skoda Yeti. The Tiguan is built on the same platform as the Golf, but with SUV qualities, making it a popular choice. This vehicle has some great engines available which are very well refined. It is also very comfortable with a high class interior. It might not be as good looking as some rivals or perform as well on-road but it is well worth considering. What do you think of the Volkswagen Tiguan? Do you think there are better crossover SUVs on the market? Share your thoughts in our comments box below. Watch the new advert for the Volkswagen Tiguan below:

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