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What to Do When You Have a Tyre Blowout?

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If this situation happens to you, you probably have about two minutes to act for the best chance of avoiding a serious accident.

There are six simple, but effective steps you can take to give yourself the best chances:


In the event of a blowout, calm yourself down, and fast! Your car will start misbehaving and you need to focus and take charge.

Of course everyone in the car will be in full panic mode, however it is not the time to listen and be affected by them. It is time to concentrate.

2 – Hold FIRMLY

Hold on firmly to your steering wheel with both hands. NO VIGOROUS TURNING. Your natural concentration on the road and mirrors will be tested, as you will have to also intensely study the movement of your car. Your car will try and swerve, sometimes violently to the direction of the burst tyre.

3 – Don’t Accelerate

Take your foot off of the accelerator. Your aim should be to coast to a controlled stop. Your car will gradually decelerate while you concentrate on the road to avoid any collisions with other road users.

Don’t ever attempt to press the brakes! If you do, there is a 95% chance your car will somersault. 

4 – Shift to Neutral

Disengage the gears of the car by shifting to neutral (N), as you still maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel, keeping your eyes on the road.

5 – When Safe, Gradually Brake

After a while, depending on your initial speed, your car will be travelling at a speed less than 60 km/h. It should now be safe to gradually apply the brakes and move your car over to the side of the road or the hard shoulder.

6 – Completely Stop

If it is now safe to do so, you should be able to bring your car to a complete stop, once stopped always turn off the engine.

If you follow all of these steps you have just saved you and your passengers from the ultimate consequence of this incident. Death.

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