Wednesday 24th October 2012
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We would love to hear of your personal experience of the Mazda RX-8. If you have ever owned one and had to purchase any replacement parts then leave your comments in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Mazda RX-8 Overview

The Mazda RX-8 is classed as a sports coupe and is produced by the Japanese car manufacturing company Mazda Motor Corporation. This vehicle succeeded the RX-7 and was first produced in 2003. The RX-8 was removed for the European market in 2010 as it could not meet emissions standards, and it ceased production in 2012 altogether. The loss of the European market was a major factor in this decision. This car has a very unique styling and good performance. It has distinct rear hinged rear doors and the rear seats are useable. It has a rotary engine which can be greedy on fuel, but gives the RX-8 its distinct sound. Does this sound anything like your experience of the Mazda RX-8?

Mazda RX-8 History

The first generation (2003-08) has a RENESIS rotary engine which improved on the previous rotary engine of the RX-7 with better fuel efficiency and emissions. There are many variants of the RX-8 based on either the ‘high-power’, ‘standard power’ or automatic gearbox versions. The second generation (2009-12) gave the RX-8 more structural rigidity and improvements to the body design. The newer version was also lighter and had improved gear ratios, giving it better performance. This version went for a slightly sportier look without compromising the RX look. This vehicle ceased production in 2012.


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Fuel Economy

The only engine available for the Mazda RX-8 is the 1.3L petrol engine which is available in different variants with different Brake horse power. The rotary engine means it can be greedy on fuel, offering up to 26mpg. Which bhp version do you have and how does it perform economically? The age, fuel type and engine size go a long way to determining the fuel economy of the vehicle.


The Mazda RX-8 has been available in the following gearboxes: 4 and 6 speed automatic and 5 and 6 speed manual gearboxes. Which gearbox do you have and how do you rate its performance? We have a section of our website dedicated to Mazda gearbox parts where you can find your RX-8 gearbox parts.


We have parts for the Mazda RX-8 available at amazing prices. We have a vast network of UK Breakers with parts available for all makes and models of vehicle. You can either enter your vehicle details in our part finder or visit the RX-8 parts page to find the parts you need for your Mazda RX-8.