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Alfa Romeo Giulia Overview

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is a sports sedan car and was produced by Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo. This vehicle was in production from 1962-78 and a new version of this car is to be introduced in 2014 under the same name. The old version of this car was part of the 105 series. The Alfa Romeo Giulia was one of the first cars to use a powerful engine in a lightweight car that was to be used for the world automobile market. Due to this, it made this a very capable car and performed better and quicker than some sports cars of that time, and this was with their rather small sized engines.

Alfa Romeo Giulia History

The first series (1962-72) of the Alfa Romeo Giulia model was introduced in 1962 with the Ti version which was to be the base for all 1.6 models in the future. They were very square in design but with a lot of details at the front and rear end, giving them a classy look for the time. They were very aerodynamic cars and even more so than some sports cars of the time, such as: Porsche 911. As the sportier versions were released, they made improvements to such features as: alloy wheels, classier instrument panel and steering wheel. The super range was introduced in this series. The second series (1972-78) re-introduced the super range with better engines and eventually renaming this range as the Nuova range. They kept most things the same but changed some parts of the front body, such as: bonnet and grille. The diesel version was introduced in this range.


Giulia Ti Giulia Ti Super Giulia 1300 Giulia Super Giulia 1300 Ti Giulia 1600 S Giulia Super 1300 Giulia Super 1600 Nuova Super 1.3 Nuova Super 1.6 Nuova Super Diesel

Fuel Economy

The two engine sizes available were 13 and 1.6L for petrol and there was one release for a diesel engine, the Nuova Super Diesel which had a 1.8L engine. The most economical of these engines was the 1.8 diesel, which was very slow compared to the petrol engines. As these cars are sports sedans, they were never intended for fuel economy. In spite of this, due to the smaller sized engines, they were more economical than most sports cars.


All cars in this range had a 5-speed gearbox apart from the Giulia 1300 which had a 4-speed manual gearbox. Check out our Alfa Romeo Gearbox section to locate your gearbox parts.


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