Friday 2nd November 2012
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We would like to know about your experience of the Citroen C8 and also about how any replacement parts performed when fitted to your vehicle. You can write a short review in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Citroen C8 Overview

The Citroen C8 is classed as a large MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) and is produced for the French automobile company Citroen which is part of the PSA Peugeot Citroen Group. These vehicles are produced by Sevel at the Sevel Nord factory under the name Eurovans for Peugeot, Citroen, Lancia and Fiat. The Citroen C8 is the second generation version, as it replaced the first generation Citroen Synergie. The second generation version was marketed also as the Peugeot 807, Fiat Ulysse and the Lancia Phedra. They are all the same vehicle with minor differences made by each individual manufacturer. The Citroen C8 is comfortable and is very spacious inside. There is a good choice of engines and they are a good drive. It would be better if the seats folded flat and there was better suspension. Sound anything like your experience of the C8?

Citroen C8 History

The Citroen C8 (2002-2010) replaced the Citroen Synergie in 2002. The Synergie was known as the Evasion outside the UK and Ireland. It was only on right hand drive versions it was known as the Synergie. The second generation Eurovan was built on the same platform as its predecessor but with the changes to the exterior design, made it larger. It was a lot rounder in design and modern looking compared with its predecessor. The C8 had a minor facelift in 2008 affecting some interior and exterior parts. The C8 was replaced with the Grand C4 Picasso in 2010.


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Fuel Economy

The Citroen C8 was available as a 2.0 and 2.2L petrol and 2.0 and 2.2L diesel engines. The 2.0L diesel engine is the most economical of the available engines, offering up to 42mpg. Which engine did you have and how do you rate it in terms of fuel economy? The engine size, fuel type and age of the vehicle will help determine the fuel economy of the vehicle.


The Citroen C8 was available in 5 and 6 speed manual and 4-speed automatic gearboxes. Which gearbox did you have on your vehicle and how did you rate its performance? We have a section of our website dedicate to Citroen gearbox parts where you can find the gearbox parts you need for your C8.


You can find Citroen C8 parts here at Breakeryard for some of the best prices around. You will find extremely well priced parts through our vast network of UK Breakers. You can enter your vehicle details in our part finder or visit the C8 parts page to find the exact part you need for your vehicle.