Wednesday 15th August 2012
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Have you driven, or own a Daewoo Kalos? We are really passionate about your comments. Please include your experience with any parts required for this vehicle. All you need to do is enter your review in the comments box below, and we'll be sure to publish it online here.

Daewoo Kalos Overview

The Daewoo Kalos is a small family car in the supermini class, and is produced by the South Korean automobile company Daewoo. Daewoo itself is part of the American company General Motors. This car is marketed under many different names across the world, such as: Chevrolet Aveo and Holden Barina in the US and Australian markets respectively. This car replaced the Daewoo Lanos in 2002. This car is good value for money and is well equipped but is not the most well built car.

Daewoo Kalos History

The T200 model (2002 - ) was the first Daewoo car to be produced since General Motors took over the company. Before Daewoo had to sell out, this model was under development and replaced the T100 Lanos. Each of the different versions for the different world markets had slight differences to the design of such items as the: lights and grilles. A hatchback and saloon version was available for this car. Early in 2005 the Daewoo Kalos was renamed the Chevrolet Aveo across Europe. The T250 model which was marketed in Europe under the Chevrolet Aveo, and it was first introduced in 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This was produced in 2008 and replaced the Kalos sedan.


S SE Xtra SX Xtra Cool Blue

Fuel Economy

The available engines for this car are: 1.2, 1.4 1.5 and 1.6 and due to this car being a supermini/subcompact then it’s made for it fuel economy. Take into consideration the age and engine size when determining how economical the vehicle is.


There are 4-speed automatic and 5-speed gearboxes available for this vehicle. There is a section of our website dedicated to Daewoo gearboxes, so have a look to find your gearbox parts.


There is a Kalos parts page to help you locate your parts for your vehicle. There is also the part finder, which you enter your vehicle details to begin your search. Our vast network of UK Breakers has many different parts available.