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Ford Connect Overview

The Ford Connect model is part of the Ford Transit line. It is also know as the Ford Transit Connect. It is a small commercial van which is not only functional, but very reliable. It is a small van which can be used for such things as: small businesses, deliveries, or anything which requires that extra storage space that can’t be found in a car and not requiring the vast space provided in a van.

Ford Connect History

This model was introduced in 2002 to replace the escort and fiesta small vans. These models were cancelled from production that same year. It is very popular in both Europe and North America. One of the problems the North Americans face is the 25% tax put on imported ‘light vans’. This is worked around by importing the Ford Tourneo Connect which has rear seats and rear side windows. On importing the rear windows and seats are taken out and panelled over. The removed parts are then recycled. In 2010 they introduced the Connect Electric which is a battery powered engine. It won van of the year in 2004 in Europe and 2010 in North America. This vehicle is available in electrical, petrol and diesel engines. It has two engine sizes: 1.8 or 2.0 Litre.


Tourneo Connect- leisure activity van Transit Connect Electric- electric powered engine 1.8L Duratorq TDCi Diesel 2.0L Duratec Gasoline Connect X-press- a much faster version with engine from Focus RS

Fuel Economy

How economic the vehicle is will be determined by two factors: The size of the engine, which could be either 1.8 or 2.0 litre. The other factor to be taken into consideration is the type of fuel used: diesel, petrol or there is also the electric version.


The 2.0L, 4 speed automatic version is for the North American market where as the 1.8L 5 speed manual version is for the European market. There are many gearbox parts available at Breakeryard, but if you don’t see your parts in our gearbox section, then you will need to enter your vehicle details in our part finder.


There are several Transit Connect parts to be found through our comprehensive network of Breakers. Have a look at our Connect section of our website or enter your details in our parts finder.