Friday 3rd August 2012
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Ford Sierra Overview

The Ford Sierra is a large family car made by the American car manufacturing company: Ford Motor Company. It was made as a direct replacement for the Ford Cortina, but didn’t receive a very warm welcome due to the way it looked. Its design was ahead of its time and totally revolutionary for its time. Ford had designed a few vehicles with this rounded, aero-dynamic look which was to become familiar across most modern cars.

Ford Sierra History

The Ford Sierra (1982-93) didn’t sell that great at first as a lot of Cortina fans were not impressed with the stark difference from their beloved sharp lined vehicle to this smooth and rounded design. Ford had to cut prices a bit to increase sales and wasn’t until other manufacturers adopted the smooth aero dynamic look to their cars that the Sierra began to look ‘normal’ as such. The Ford Sierra was a rear-wheel drive car and came in many different engine sizes and styles, such as the XR4i and RS-Cosworth. The vehicle was available in saloon, hatchback and estate versions although the saloon didn’t appear until 1987. In 1997 the Sierra had a much needed makeover, changing things such as the lights, grille and other parts of the front end, making it more acceptable to the general public. The Sierra underwent some other changes to the engine, interior and exterior over the remainder of its life but was replaced with the Mondeo in 1993.

Model Types

Quartz Laser Fresco Azura Laser 2 GL GLX Chasseur Ghia XR4x4 RS Cosworth LX GT

Fuel Economy

Due to the fact that there was such a variation on engines available for this vehicle: 1.3, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.3, 2.8and 3.0L in both petrol and diesel, the economy varied greatly from model to model. Obviously the XR4i and RS Cosworth were not great economically as they were designed as more of a sports car but the 1.3L petrol and 1.8L diesel were quite good economically.


The gearboxes on offer were a 3 and 4 speed automatic and 4 and 5 speed manual versions. At Breakeryard we have a section of our website dedicated to Ford gearboxes, so why not check it out for your Sierra gearbox parts.


Ford Sierra car parts were and still are a common type of car parts, so we have a section of our website solely for Sierra parts. Visit the Sierra parts section or enter your vehicle details in our part finder to search for your parts yourself. Have you been experiencing problems with parts on the Ford Sierra? If so, why not check out our Sierra problem pages here. You will find solutions to the most common problems associated with the Ford Sierra.