Wednesday 19th September 2012
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If you have ever owned an MG ZR or had to buy any replacement parts then share your experience. We want to know how the parts faired and what you thought of the car. Leave your comments in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

MG ZR Overview

The MG ZR is classed as a hot hatch and is a high performance version of the Rover 25. This car was produced by the British motor company The Rover Group from 2001 – 2005. It is almost identical in many ways to the Rover 25, but branded as an MG with better suspension, engines and better styling. This car has great looks, is pretty cheap to buy and good fun to drive. The problem with these cars is that they still have many of the same problems that plagued the Rover 25 and lack in security and comfort.

MG ZR History

The first version of this car to be produced in 2001 was soon to become one of the best selling hatchbacks of its era. This car was to become extremely popular amongst young drivers due to its sporty look and cheap buying price. It was to be the best selling car of MG Rover at that particular time. These high performance cars had good braking systems, with the top of the range ZR 160 being capable of up to 131mph. The diesel versions could be tuned up at very low costs which appealed to younger buyers. There was a makeover version brought out in 2004 which was designed by McLaren designer Peter Stevens. It had new bumpers, lights amongst other exterior parts. The interior also received an update, and this car was very stylish at very reasonable prices. The last version was produced in 2005 when Rover went bust.


ZR 105 ZR 120 ZR 160 ZR TD 100 ZR TD 115

Fuel Economy

There were three different engine sizes available for this car. Those engines were 1.4 and 1.8 petrol and a 2.0L diesel engine. The most economical of these engines was the 2.0L diesel which offered up to 53mpg where as the best petrol version was the 1.4 which you could get up to 41mpg. Generally this car was pretty good economically. Remember to consider fuel type, engine size and age when dealing with fuel economy.


This car is available in 6-speed automatic or 5-speed manual gearboxes. If you need gearbox parts for your MG ZR, then we have a section of our website dedicated to MG gearbox parts, at very competitive prices.


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