Wednesday 10th October 2012
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Have you ever owned a Mitsubishi Galant? Did you have to purchase any replacement parts for the vehicle? If so, then we would love to hear about these experiences and how the replacement parts faired. Leave your review in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Mitsubishi Galant Overview

The Mitsubishi Galant is classed as a mid-sized executive car which has evolved from a compact car during its lifetime. This vehicle was produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors. This vehicle has been sold across 9 generations and has changed dramatically over time, even moving up a class. The later version Galant had more equipment and was more competitive in price than it had been previously. Some of the available engines are good high performance engines, and this vehicle is comfortable and well built. Not as prestigious as some of the competitors in this class. Does this sound like your experience of the Galant?

Mitsubishi Galant History

The first generation (1969-73) had much smaller engines than the modern version, from 1.3 - 1.7L and was the first Japanese car sold in America. The second generation (1973-76) was also exported to Europe and got rid of the smaller engines, beginning at 1.6L. The third generation (1976-80) had more economical engines than its predecessors. The fourth generation (1980-87) was slightly larger and other improvements were made to the interior and aerodynamics. The fifth generation (1983-89) was changed to a front wheel drive vehicle. The sixth generation (1987-93) was built on the same platform as the previous version but was taller and rounder in design, to meet contemporary styling designs. The seventh generation (1992-98) was the first version to be classed as a mid-sized executive and move from the compact class. The suspension system was also changed and improved. The eighth generation (1996-2003) was the last version to be sold in Europe. The ninth generation (2003-12) was only available in America, and was only available as a sedan.


GLX Classic Equippe GLS SE Sport Elegance

Fuel Economy

The Mitsubishi Galant was available in many engine sizes. The later versions were available in 2.0, 2.4, 2.5 and 3.0 petrol engines. The 2.0 engine was the most economical, offering up to 34mpg. Earlier versions had the smaller 1.6 and 1.8L petrol engines. Which engine did you have and how did it perform economically? Age and engine size will determine the fuel economy of the vehicle.


The gearboxes available for the later models are the 4-speed automatic, 5-speed semi-automatic and the 5 speed manual. Which gear box did you have for your Galant and how did it perform? We have a section of our website dedicated to Mitsubishi gearbox parts where you can look for your Galant gearbox parts.


You can find Mitsubishi Galant parts at great prices through Breakeryard. We have a comprehensive network of UK Breakers with parts available for all makes and models of vehicle. Visit the Galant parts page or enter your vehicle details in our part finder to locate the parts you need for your vehicle.