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Have you ever owned a Renault Grand Espace? Did you have to replace any parts? If so, then we would love to hear about your experience of this vehicle and how the replacement parts performed. Write your review in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Renault Grand Espace Overview

The Renault Grand Espace is classed as a large MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) which is produced by the French automobile manufacturers Renault. This vehicle has been in production since 1998 and was introduced in the third generation of the Renault Espace. The Espace was released in 1984 and the Grand Espace is a Long Wheel Base (LWB) version of this vehicle. The Espace III was still manufactured by Matra, but the Espace IV was the first all Renault produced version of this vehicle. The Grand Espace is very spacious inside the cabin and has a massive luggage space in the rear. The diesel engines are great, and these vehicles are great for long distances, both comfort and drivability. The size makes them difficult to manoeuvre in the city, and they can also be expensive to buy. Does this sound anything like your experience?

Renault Grand Espace History

The Grand Espace was introduced on the Espace III in 1998. The Espace III was introduced in 1997 and Renault thought that they needed a larger, more spacious version on the market. Hence the introduction of the Grand Espace the following year. This was the last Espace to be built by the manufacturing company Matra, and the Espace IV would be fully manufactured by Renault. The Espace IV was very economical with aluminium body parts and the vehicle being 90% recyclable. As it was fully designed by Renault, it had a slightly different look and made it a bit more upmarket. This is the current version on the market.

Model Types

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Fuel Economy

The Renault Grand Espace is available in 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5L petrol and 1.9, 2.0, 2.2 or 3.0L diesel engines. The 2.0L diesel engine is the most economical offering up to 43mpg, which is pretty good for a vehicle this size. Which engine do you have and how does it perform economically?


The Renault Grand Espace is available with the following gearboxes: 6-speed manual and 5 or 6 speed automatic gearboxes. Which gearbox do you have and how do you rate its performance? We have a section of our website dedicated to Renault gearbox parts where you can find your Grand Espace gearbox parts at very low prices.


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