Monday 10th September 2012
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Skoda Felicia Overview

The Skoda Felicia is a small family car that was produced by the Czech motor company Skoda Auto, which has been part of the larger Volkswagen Group since 2000. The Skoda range is seen as the entry level cars of the Volkswagen Group. This car was in production from 1994 – 2001. These cars are very cheap to buy, are well built and have both a spacious interior and boot, especially for a small family car. The safety features leave a lot to be desired, especially on the base models of this car. These cars are a very cheap option with good build quality for the money.

Skoda Felicia History

The first version of the Skoda Felicia (1994-98) was designed as a replacement for the Skoda Favorit, but with a new more stylish design, and modern appearance. This was the last car to be designed on a Skoda platform. This was available in hatchback and an estate was available from 1995, called the Felicia Combi. In the UK this car was seen as one of the most satisfying cars to own, helping improve the poor reputation of Skoda cars in the UK. The second version (1998-2001) was a makeover of the previous version, with updated the grille and bumpers, but also made this version safer with added safety features. This was one of the first Skoda cars to benefit from the company’s takeover by The Volkswagen Group. The Skoda range had a bad reputation in Western Europe up until the mid nineties, but with the help of Volkswagen these cars have to be known as a very well built set of cars. The first diesel version of this car was introduced when VW took over and the Felicia range ceased production in 2001, 1 year after its replacement, the Fabia was introduced.


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Fuel Economy

The available engines for this car were 1.3, 1.4 and 1.6L petrol and a 1.9L diesel version. These engines are all pretty decent economically, with the 1.9 diesel being the most economical of the range. It offers up to 48 mpg, with the best petrol being 45 mpg on the 1.3 version. Remember to take into consideration the age, fuel type and engine size when determining fuel economy.


This car was only available in 5-speed manual, and we have a section of our website dedicated to Skoda gearbox parts, where you will find your Felicia gearbox parts.


We have Felicia parts here at Breakeryard. Visit the Felicia parts page or you can search through our vast network of UK Breakers by entering your vehicle details in our part finder to locate your exact needed parts.